We envision a body bound by God’s love that is seeking a closer relationship with God, constantly in His presence. A family where everyone is being discipled to Jesus by someone and everyone is discipling someone else.

We envision a body that is diverse, reflecting the diversity of our community; multi-generational, bi-lingual, and multi-cultural.  Together as we serve our neighbors and community, Berry’s Chapel is known for its love for others.

 We envision a Berry’s Chapel that is a family where everyone matters. We passionately prepare the next generation to live a Christian life in a fallen world. Every man, woman, and child in our family is loved, valued, and remembered; no one is forgotten, and no one is left out. We accept people as they are but love them enough to share a better way.

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We envision a church where everyone is actively participating in a life group. Throughout our community, throughout the week, Life Groups welcome all to a special relationship and journey, where we will find respite, encouragement, and love.  Life Groups are a place where everyone grows, serves, and shares. We are honest, open, and transparent with each other, sharing our struggles and bearing our burdens together.

 We envision beginning each week together praising God, remembering Christ, and worshipping in Spirit to shape the remainder of our week.

 We envision spiritual growth and maturity that are nurtured by participation in various opportunities throughout the week.

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Make a Difference

We envision a church where everyone is actively serving one another, our community, and our world. Everyone gives sacrificially of their time, talent, and treasure.

 We envision Berry’s Chapel’s mission points and campus being used to help provide restoration, healing, learning, growth, food to the hungry, hope to the hopeless, and salvation to all.

 We envision Berry’s Chapel not being defined by a single place, but everywhere members of this family are loving, connecting, and making a difference as we walk in the Spirit.

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