Trinity- We believe in the Triune God. That God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are one. The three are one in their divine work to redeem humanity. The Father elects through the redemptive work of Christ as the Spirit renews God’s love in our hearts. This is a divine work from beginning (election) to end (transformation) which the Father accomplishes through His Son in the power of the Holy Spirit, which dwells within us.

  Scripture- We believe that Scripture is the inspired word of God. We believe that Scripture is the story of God; a God that is pursuing His Creation in love and grace in order to bring about restoration. We are informed and transformed by the story of God in order to be participants in the story of God.

Image of God- We believe that we all were created in the image of God. We believe that before anything else every human bears the Divine image of God. Therefore, all relations with one another start with this truth.  

Grace- We believe in the overwhelming grace of God that is best demonstrated by the Son in that, “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8). We believe that we cannot earn salvation, but it is by grace that we have been saved.  

Discipleship- We believe that the path given to us by Jesus to advance the Kingdom of God is discipleship to Jesus. We believe that everyone is called to follow Jesus and to make disciples of all nations.

Church- We believe that the church is the bride of Christ. We believe that we were called to live in community with one another and together advance the Kingdom of Heaven. While the church continuously experiences human brokenness, it is also the means by which God has chosen to advance His Kingdom.

Life with God Forever- We believe that the story of God points to a goal or ending; and that ending is life with God forever. The story of God, with its climax in the redemptive work of Christ on the cross, will be fully realized when God fully dwells with His creation for eternity.